Sebastian Lletget Wall Juggling Skills

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Sebastian Lletget Wall Juggling

Sebastian Lletget has found a perfect wall to practice on during the MLS stoppage of play. Every young soccer player who’s working on their game should have a wall they can knock the ball against to work on their skills. And Lletget has some wall juggling skills to say the least.

Using the inside of his foot he smacks the ball against the wall and then hits it with the heel of his foot behind his standing legs. This is a wall juggling skill I haven’t seen before and is more something you’d expect to see from one of the Brazilian soccer stars and not an MLS player. To see more of Lletget’s soccer skills during this down time head over to his Instagram, where he’s know as TheyLoveDaBoy. I imagine even Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be impressed with Lletget’s wall juggling skills.

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