Marta Cox Free Kick Versus France

Marta Cox with what will surely end up being the goal of the tournament. Cox’s free kick is from 35-yard away no less. It is not often you see a free kick whipped in from this far away. Also, it is Panama’s first-ever women’s World Cup goal! Moreover, it just one of the best free kicks you’ll see in a long time.

Watch Marta Cox score Panama’s debut goal off a free kick in the 2023 women’s World Cup versus France in the video below. Cox steps up for the free kick with so much confidence and determination. She strikes through the soccer ball with power and finesse.

Additionally, the goal from Cox comes in the first minute of the game.

While Panama is already out of the tournament, not advancing, they showed how much heart they have.

Cox, who was already in tears during Panama’s national anthem prior to the start. She shed more tears after this incredible free kick goal.

After Cox scored, the entire team and bench piled on top of her. She ripped the soccer ball into the top corner. I worried about Cox. She being on the bottom of the pile of her teammates celebrating! She might be able to breathe. Still crying, her team lifted her back up.

French goalkeeper Pauline Peyraud-Magnin stretches as much as she can to try to reach the ball but can’t.

In the end, Panama would go on to lose the game 6-3, but they deserve credit for the way they fought and the goals they scored. Especially the free kick by Marta Cox. Which will be written in the history books for Panama’s women’s soccer team as their first goal and one of the best.

Overall, I’m sure some European soccer teams are maybe a bit surprised by the improved level of teams like Panama, Colombia, and Jamaica. All these teams have skills on the ball and desire to compete and win for their countries.