Mazembe Keeper’s Butt Dance Celebration

Goalkeeper butt dance celebration: TP Mazembe, a club team from the Congo, defeated Brazilian side Internacional in the club FIFA Club World Cup 2-0. Mazembe’s goalkeeper celebrates with the butt dance.

Wonder if this will take off across the globe as a celebration? Maybe the goalkeeper’s will at least adopt it as a celebration. Can you see Iker Casillas doing this after Real Madrid scores a goal? Or say Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer doing the butt dance celebration after this team scores? We really should see more of the butt dance in world football from goalkeepers, right.

Watch the goalkeeper butt dance celebration in the video below. It’s kind of a dance or at least a series of hops and hand movements. Just brilliant all around and hope to see more of it!

TP Mazembe will now, most likely, face Inter Milan in the FIFA Club World Cup final.