Memphis Depay Spin Turn Versus Inter Miami

Memphis has the strength here to hold off the defender but what he’s really doing is sucking him in. Drawing him close so he can spin and score! However, this Memphis goal is all about the foot on top off the ball and faking one way and going the other. It’s a devastating spin turn by Memphis that some on social media are saying that takes the soul of the defender, who does look pretty deflated after getting beat. Reminds you a bit of the Messi move on Boateng. Maybe not that bad…

As Memphis puts his foot on top of the soccer ball he moves it a few quick times one way and then the other. The defender, Damion Lowe, over commits, trying to win the ball by coming in on the outside. Not sure why Lowe doesn’t just keep Depay in front of him! It’s all happen quite fast though, remember!

Yet Lowe isn’t a young soccer player just coming into the game for Inter Miami in this “friendly” versus Barcelona and making his professional debut. Lowe has played for the Jamaican national team 48 times.