Messi Arrived at Barcelona 20 Years Ago

A very young Messi in his first interview with Barcelona. 20 years ago today, Leo Messi arrived in Barcelona. These were his first words as a Barça player. Messi looks so innocent but soon he’d be the best player in La Liga and the best player in the world.

“Sometimes I take on defenders myself…”

This line from Messi is quite the understatement. Messi sometimes dribbles through an entire defense. Messi is so humble and calm in this interview. He’s a killer goal scorer though when he steps on the field and his desire to win is contagious. There will be no better dribble of the soccer ball than Messi in the history of the game.

Messi playing for Barcelona at 13. Scary for Barcelona to think he almost just left the club. Really, Messi is the club now. Hard to think about Barcelona without Messi. He’s a joy to watch and does things on the soccer pitch that nobody has can or will ever do: “I never think about the play or visualize anything. I do what comes to me at the moment. Instinct. It has always been that way.”