Messi Juggles the Ball with His Dog Hulk

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Messi's Dog

A video posted by Lionel Messi’s wife, of the footballer playing football and sort of juggling with his dog, has gone viral. And you can see why. Messi’s dog is a giant. The dog is a type of mastiff—-and one of the oldest French dog breeds called a Dogue de Bordeaux. Messi’s dog is rightly named Hulk.

The dog was a gift from his then-girlfriend-now-wife, Antonella Roccuzzo. I can’t image picking up his you know what though. That’s got to be a lot of work. Not small. But Messi’s dog is certainly an excellent security dog for Messi’s family living in the Barcelona area when fans might get a bit too eager to see him. But how much does the dog eat?

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