Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic Wearing a Sports Bra?

Is that a sports bra Ibrahimovic’s wearing? After a recent friendly against Real Madrid, we learned about Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s interesting attire. The star striker wore a “OPSPORTS” bra with incredibly short shorts. Ibrahimovic currently stars for PSG of Ligue 1 though a transfer to Real Madrid or elsewhere is not out of the question. Of course Zlatan went on to Manchester United and then unfortunately hurt is knee and eventually ended up in the MLS with the LA Galaxy. Surprising to see Ibrahimovic in a sports bra or heart rate monitor device.

It’s quite a look you have to say. The short shorts especially with the “sports bra”. Nobody is going to make fun of how he looks though, right. At least not to his face.

Zlatan is also some who you’d think would just refuse to wear the sports bra or heart rate monitor. I wonder what the stats are for a player like Ibrahimovic.

Can they measure his strength, jumping ability and overall power? Can they measure a lion? Remember when Zlatan said this: “Lions, they don’t compare themselves with humans.” I don’t think a lion would wear a tracking device so easily. See video of Ibrahimovic’s sports bra.

Ibrahimovic is another star soccer player, like Messi, who has to wear a heart rate monitor or fitness tracking device and you’re a bit surprised they actually wear the device, since it seems kind of constricting. Both world class football players who could easily just refuse to wear them when they’re playing in games. Sure, maybe they wear the tracking device in training but in games too…I don’t know. I guess the tracking bra isn’t that uncomfortable to wear in games.

Tracking though and data analysis isn’t going away in world football so players are going to have to wear this sports bra it seems. But still, Ibrahimovic’s sports bra isn’t something you’d expect to see.