Messi Nutmegs James Milner

Really, isn’t it an honor to be nutmegged by Messi? I mean if someone is going to nutmeg you you’d at least rather have it done by the greatest soccer player in the world, right.

When James Milner played for Manchester City he suffered the fate of being nutmegged by Lionel Messi in a Champions League match at the Camp Nou. It was bad. As in Milner came in all wild and legs spread wide on the touchline as if he was going to win the ball from Messi and made a fool of himself by the ease to which Messi put the ball through his legs.

Still though, if you’re going to get nutmegged it’s better for Messi to do it than some randomĀ  defender, right. Is there a list somewhere of all the soccer players Messi has nutmegged? It’s a long list I’m sure and Milner is near the top as one of the most embarrassing nutmegs ever by Messi, surely.