100 Ridiculous Lionel Messi Skills

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100 Messi Skills

100 ridiculous Lionel Messi soccer skills. In truth, there are even more than 100 ridiculous Lionel Messi skills. There are a lot of Messi skills videos on YouTube. Probably millions of them actually. But this one is really well done and captures the little genius from Argentina superbly.

The greatest soccer / football player in history. Lionel Messi. This video features Messi’s best skill moves, tricks, ridiculous goals, free kicks, assists, and more. As someone said in the comments, “Really appreciate the effort to get the commentators rather than music. Great video!” Yes, there’s no loud music or special effects, just Messi and the commenters and his skills with the soccer ball.

I don’t know which one of the 100 ridiculous Messi skills is the best, but the first one, his immaculate control, is just perfect. Taking a high clearance out of the air and juggling the ball a few times like nothing. And the crowd’s reaction, the awe of his skills, it’s what the sport of soccer is all about. Take a look.

I just hope they don’t take this Messi video down for copyright or the like. Click on the link in the video to watch on YouTube if needed. Again, the first of the 100 Messi skills is genius and shows once again that juggling can actually be used in the game. Yes, Pep Guardiola cover’s his eyes in disbelief at witnessing Messi’s insane skills and genius on the soccer field.

Watch 100 Ridiculous Lionel Messi Skills in the video below.

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