Messi Scores Two with Right Foot

Messi scored two goals for Inter Miami with his weaker right foot. Essentially two passes into the goal with his right foot. Just putting the inside of his right foot on the soccer ball. It was that easy or at least he made it look that easy.

I joke a bit because Messi is working hard. He is the one sprinting at the right moment or getting to the right spot.

Messi gets his second and third goals for Inter Miami since he joined the club. Plus, he played a one two with the post before scoring the first goal! Oh, yeah, he also had an assist in the second half.

Um, how do you leave Messi so open? If there’s one player on the field you want to mark or at least know where they are, it’s Messi.

I wonder too, if before the game, there was a rule set where Messi could only score if he used his weaker right foot. That might make it more fair!

Watch Messi scored his second goal for Inter Miami in just his second game in the video below. Also, talk about a brilliant pass from Busquets. The soccer ball sits up perfectly for Messi to score. Atlanta United FC goalkeeper Brad Guzan looks like he’s going to stand Messi up well, but Messi whips the ball to the far post. And, who reacts the quickest to follow the shot and score. Messi of course.

Additionally, how is there nobody pressuring Busquets? At least make Busquets put his head down for a second so he can’t pick out the greatest soccer player of all-time. There’s some much space around Busquets he could have had a coffee before finding Messi.

If you’re the opposing team, in this case Atlanta United, you can’t let Messi to start to have fun! And that’s what Messi looked like he was doing on the soccer field. Really starting to enjoy himself.

Messi wasn’t happy with just one goal in the game though. For the second, it was Taylor to Messi to double the lead in the 22nd minute. A superb dummy play by Josef Martinez to leave the ball for Messi. So that’s three goals for Messi in like an hour of playing time so far for Inter Miami. I think Beckham is pleased with his new signing from Argentina.

Messi is 36 years old and just back from vacation. How many goals is he going to score by the end of the season? Moreover, as CBS Golazo tweeted, Messi only needs 28 more goals to become Inter Miami’s all-time leading goalscorer. At this pace, Messi might beat it this year.

Looks like Rooney’s ‘take’ on Messi not finding playing in the MLS so easy doesn’t look so good: “He won’t find it easy here. It sounds mad, but players who come in find it’s a tough league. The traveling, the different conditions in different cities, and there’s a lot of energy and intensity on the pitch.”

Rooney is probably right though that Messi isn’t going to like traveling away from Florida.

Messi had one more thing to do though before coming off. Incredibly, Atlanta United’s Brooks Lennon tries to cut the ball back to who knows what teammate and it goes right to Messi and puts him on a breakaway. Where Messi puts Taylor through with shuffle board like pass.