Brazilian Goal From Brazil

Talk about a team goal. This was that from Brazil. Bia Zaneratto caps off a series of back heels and flicks for one of the best goals of the women’s 2030 World Cup so far. Also, it looks like Zaneratto does the Cristiano Ronaldo ’Si’ goal celebration . I think Ronaldo would approve of Zaneratto doing his goal celebration. Especially after this goal.

Debinha plays a give and go with Luana and lofts a lovely cross to Ary Borges. Who back heels it to Zaneratto to smash home. The play encompasses just three passes, but they are all brilliantly clever. The goalkeeper from Panama is already on the ground along with the defender once Borges gets the ball in the box. They just can’t adjust quick enough to stop this genius Brazilian team goal.

It is such a good team goal from Brazil you won’t be able to watch it just once or twice. If you want to see a soon to be classic Brazilian team goal here it is.

Brazil scored four goals and shut out Panama to kick off its 2023 women’s World Cup campaign but this team goal is clearly the best goal of the game and the tournament. Borges would also complete her hat trick.

One thing you don’t won’t if you’re playing against Brazil is for them to start to have fun. And that’s just what this team goal is. There is plenty of joga bonito and ginga in this goal from Brazil.

For youth soccer coaches, this is the goal you show your team. Soccer is all about playing quick passes and sharing the ball.

Overall, it was a dominant performance from Brazil and I wouldn’t went to have to play them next. And it was a joyful performance by Brazil which this team goal shows.