Teresa Abelleira Goal for Spain

Teresa Abelleira scores from pretty deep for Spain. A rocket shot that the Zambia keeper had little chance of stopping. It is Abelleira’s second goal of the tournament. And as far as the 2023 World Cup, this Abelleira goal will surely end up in at least the top ten.

But it is really a team goal from Spain. A series of exchanges and short passes. Everyone on the same page of thinking. Sharing the soccer ball. While the goal comes against Zambia, it is the type of play from Spain, the Barcelona like tiki taka, that will be hard for any top team to stop.

There’s a sort of mind meld between Alexia Putellas, Jennifer Hermoso, and Mariona Caldentey. This core group is the creative force for Spain along with Aitana Bonmati. They are going to be hard to stop if they play together like this going forward. The whole group has played for Barcelona at one point or do now. Which is clear in their touch and passing skills.

The Zambia defense gets suck in to all the short passes and collapse towards goal only for a deeper lying midfielder like Abelleira to find a place to shoot and score.

The goal from Abelleira reminds you a bit of the team goal by Brazil against Panama. Both goals start and develop in the corner area of the field.

Watch the Teresa Abelleira goal in the video below. With the sixth pass in this play Hermoso gets the assist but again, it really is a well crafted team goal from Spain.

This might just be the year for Spain to win the whole World Cup tournament. And, hopefully for Spain, they’ll see another Teresa Abelleira rocket shot in a game to come.

Funny enough, Abelleira plays her club football in Spain for Real Madrid, but meshes well with her rival teammates from Barcelona.