Lionel Messi Body Feint Moves

Messi body feints: Looking for a soccer feint trick to pull off in a game? Why not try a body feint move. Lionel Messi knows how to use his body to feint like he’s going one way when he’s really going the other way. In a blink of the eye he’s gone. Past you. He’s almost a blur he’s moving so fast, faking with his shoulder or his entire body like he’s going to keep dribbling to the left when all of a sudden he’s going back to the right.

Messi body feints come into play most often when he is surrounded and seemingly has no way out.

Messi Body Feint Moves

While Lionel Messi doesn’t do any fancy step over moves like Cristiano Ronaldo, he does use his body to throw off defenders. Watch how he fakes like he’s going one way with a dip of his shoulder or a subtle body feint in one direction and then takes off in the other.

Messi is a master at tricky defenders he’s going in one direction when he really is going the other way, just with how he moves his body, his upper shoulder area and his hips.

Here’s an excellent explanation video behind Messi’s body feint moves. How Messi’s feints fool opponents and how Messi makes choices when he’s on the soccer ball and ready to attack or beat a defender. How Messi makes defenders think he’s going to go one way and then he quickly is gone in the other direction. And this is a good message too for all young soccer players: “Dribble if it can help your soccer team, not to show off!”

How Messi’s Body Feint REALLY works.

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Yes, after watching the video below it’s clear that Messi is the best dribbler of the soccer ball in the world right now. And Messi is perhaps the best dribbler of the ball that’s every played the game. Not only does Messi keep the ball tethered to his foot with each step, he also uses his body to trick the defender. Here’s Messi putting on an epic body feint show – sometimes he even fakes how his own teammates.

Messi wants the defender to think he’s got him contained and is going to keeping going in the same direction, and that’s just when Messi escapes in the other direction. Body feints by Messi. Watch the genius and perhaps best football player of all time below.