Messi’s Dribbling Run Versus Real Madrid

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Messi Busquets
Of course everyone’s talking about Messi’s dribbling run, carving through the Real Madrid defenders to score his second goal, but it is that small little passing exchange with Sergio Busquets that sets him free and allows him to score in many ways.

Smartly, Busquets knows that you just give the ball or leave the ball for Messi and he’ll do the rest. The change of pace and burst of speed by Messi is amazing though. It’s what makes him such an incredible dribbler. Well, one of the reasons.

It is this type of understanding that makes Barcelona, well, Barcelona. If Busquets doesn’t leave the soccer ball for Messi, there is no goal. But those supporting passes, those here just hold the ball for a second and then give it back to me when I’ve seen what I want to do and have build up speed, momentum: these are the kinds of passes that make this team unique. This is the Barcelona style of play. Yes, if you add in a little genius like Messi than that team is 100 times better.

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