Lionel Messi’s Girlfriend: Antonella Roccuzzo

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Is this too much like the paparazzi to post a picture of Lionel Messi and his girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo? The greatest soccer player in the world set to take on the soccer world.

Well, perhaps a bit, but I’m sure many are curious to see the world’s greatest footballer’s girlfriend. Currently she lives in Argentina, so Messi obviously can’t see her that much since he lives in Barcelona. Long distance relationships can be difficult, especially when Messi is an idol in Spain, and Barcelona is full of beautiful women.

The kid legend is just in his twenties. Has his found the love of is life already? What advice has he been getting from fellow Barcelona stars or Maradona? Hey kid, don’t rush in to anything, no need to get married right away.

Of course the two have been married for a long time now. And now they’re in Paris where Messi plays for PSG.


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