Messi Hat Trick Versus Valencia

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Barcelona’s Lionel Messi again showed why he’s the greatest soccer player in the beautiful game today. Rooney is chasing him, or perhaps pushing him, but the little Argentine has the best left foot in the game and has the ability to cut the ball around and past defenders with ease. Messi, like all greats, makes the game of soccer look easy. Of course it sure helps to have Iniesta, Xavi and Henry feeding you the ball…

Barcelona continued to rack up the possession time in this game too, although a bit off their amazing average of 68%.

Messi’s T-Shirt: Para Vos Valen

Messi's T-Shirt: Para Vos Valen

The goals were dedicated to the daughter of his cousin who was born premature. The shirt means, ‘For You, Valen’. Valentina is the newborn daughter of Maximilian Biancucchi, his cousin, who plays for Cruz Azul of Mexico.

“She is the daughter of my cousin, who was born recently, and well he is playing in Mexico and I are talking at the same time made goal, we both celebrate and we dedicate it to her,” said Messi.

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