What Soccer Shoes Does Messi Wear?

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Lionel Messi is the FIFA player of the year and the engine of the Barcelona side. Messi can dribble, pass and can score almost at will these days. The Atomic Flea is wearing the Adidas F50.9 Tunit Start Kit’s in white when he suits up for Barcelona in La Liga.

And yes, Messi could probably were dress shoes and still dominate the game. Doesn’t matter what soccer shoes wears or what color they are, white or red or black, the soccer ball is always tethered to his left foot as he dribbles through the defense with ease.

LIONEL MESSI – New Soccer Cleats & All Football Boots 2004-2019 

Messi could become the greatest soccer player the world has ever seen if he keeps up his current form and if he can lead Argentina to a World Cup trophy. With Maradona has his national team coach, Messi could over take his idol if he were to steer his country’s side to the the World Cup trophy.

Why would you want to wear the same shoes as Lionel Messi? Why wouldn’t you want to learn how to play like Messi?

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