Messi to Iniesta Times Six

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Barcelona trounced Real Sociedad 5-0, but one of the best goals of the match was the two man game played by Messi and Iniesta as they played gives and goes back and forth all the way up the soccer field.

Messi passes to Iniesta, Iniesta passes back to Messi, Messi passes back to Iniesta, Iniesta gives the ball back to Messi, and Messi charges forward on the dribble and then passes back to Iniesta, Iniesta passes back to Messi. I counted six passes between the two before Messi scores. Just beautiful to watch. The game is simple. If the spaces right of all the other players on the field sometimes just two players can create a goal like this.

And what’s funny is after Iniesta plays the last pass back to Messi he spins to receive the ball again. It’s as if Iniesta and Messi just could have kept going and going to infinity the game is so ingrained them. They could play in their sleep.

What’s more, you don’t see Messi really get that excited after he scores, and why would he as he’s scoring so often, but this time he really seems happy and rushes to greet Iniesta after the goal as he knows what a good goal it was.

What were all the other chess pieces (players) doing when these two waltzed through to score? The Barcelona players were making runs to distract and hold the defense in check while the maestros danced through the Real Sociedad defense.

I’m starting to feel bad for the teams that have to face Barcelona when they’re playing like this. It’s almost not really fair and they’re starting to embarrass other teams in La Liga.


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