Messi Plans to Make It Up to VIPs Who Were Scammed

First off, Messi’s all white suit or tuxedo is just amazing. He should wear the white tuxedo more often. If you’re the greatest soccer player to ever play, the G.O.A.T., you can really wear whatever color of cleats or jacket you want.

Fans who paid $2,500 to meet Lionel Messi after his charity soccer match were stiffed, as Messi left the game early. They didn’t even meet Messi before the game like they were supposed to. Moreover, they didn’t receive the signed Messi jersey they were promised and a lot of the soccer stars who were supposed play in the charity match, didn’t.

The Messi game had been billed as featuring 36 of the world’s top international soccer stars, but most backed out at the last minute and roster spots were filled by current and former Northwestern University soccer players (one of whom, Matt Eliason, stole the show with a bicycle kick goal).

However, Messi said he’s going to make it up to these VIP ticket holders. First off, they will get their money back, but Messi said he wants to do something extra special. He plans to invite the 75 VIP ticket holders to Barcelona to watch a match at the Camp Nou.

And not only will they attend the match but they will get an inside look at what Messi does before, during and after the match. Here’s a run down of what Messi has planned – well, if only…just joking around here but you get the idea:

  • Join Messi in his pre-game stroll around the park near his house with his wife
  • adidas will make a special pair of Messi soccer cleats for each VIP
  • Take part in a five versus 2 session with Barcelona during their warm ups
  • Messi will do any juggling trick you want him to do
  • Messi will nutmeg a player on the opposing team just for you – you pick the player you want megged
  • Messi will give you a lock of his hair
  • One fan at a time will play along side Messi in the match, wearing a special invisible outfit they others won’t see
  • Join Messi and Dani Alves as they play cards in the locker room before the game
  • Sniff Messi’s socks post game
  • Each VIP will get a piece of Messi’s jersey after the game
  • VIP can drink out of Messi’s water bottle during the match
  • Learn how Messi does his taxes
  • Meet Pique’s girlfriend, Shakira, who will then sing any song they request
  • Messi will run to the VIPs section where these folks will sit at the Camp Nou and high five each one of them after he scores
  • If they like, Messi would be happy to tattoo his face on their arms or legs or even neck
  • Messi will even let the VIPs meet his son
  • Post game dinner with Messi and his family at his house – Messi will prepare the food to your liking – his speciality is Chinese food
  • A limited edition pair of Messi’s new line of Dolce & Gabbana underwear – a pair he’s worn in an actual game
  • Messi will call Diego Maradona on his cell phone and let you speak to Maradona for one minute
  • Messi will introduce you to Neymar, who will invite you to his own charity soccer match

Update: While we joke about Messi not showing up to meet the VIPs, there were some young kids who really were expecting to see him. However, I’m sure a lot of this as to do with the sports agency running the event and not necessarily Messi – who may not have agreed to all they presented to the fans. But again, Messi’s name is on this charity game, so he should make it up to these fans.