Don’t Mess With Blanco

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It seems like all those creative, let’s say mad geniuses, have tempers or throw tantrums from time to time. Remember Cantona’s karate kick? This wasn’t anything near that type of act, this was more of a tantrum, and Blanco is known to throw one now and again, especially if he’s brushed or touched when he has the ball. But you don’t mess with Blanco or try to hold the ball away from him, as Clyde Simms found out. In the Open Cup match versus D.C. United Cuauhtemoc Blanco lost his temper late in the match and was sent off. The video was recently taken down by the MLS, but it’s found its way back somehow.

Blanco, who is said to have grown up in a rough and poor part of Mexico, is not afraid of taking a shot at you. Even though this was relatively harmless, nobody was hurt, it could have escalated quite easily. I’m wondering what the fines are going to be like? Blanco’s got the money to pay any he’s given. He’s pulling in 2.5 million to kick the ball around the park, which he does like no one else in the league. And, has perhaps been a better player for the league than Beckham.

The MLS wants to bring in Latin fans but not drag the game down. They have to keep a lid on these types of fights and any negative press that goes along with it. But in truth, it’s about time we had some controversy, it shows the players are fighting for something, playing with intensity. Sometimes you flip on Fox Soccer or ESPN2 and it seems like there’s a Sunday league game going on. If there’s anything that comes out of this it should be that they start showing the Open Cup games.

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