Mesut Ozil Bounce Shot

Mesut Ozil bounce shot is an incredible skill. And amazing that Ozil pulls it off during real games! Ozil seems to strike the soccer ball against the ground so the ball bounces up and over the goalkeeper. Instead of chipping the keeper, getting underneath the ball, Ozil hits the ball into the ground and it then bounces up and over the on rushing goalkeeper.

I sort of wonder as to why Ozil left Arsenal? And in his leaving he didn’t really receive all the credit he deserved for what he done for the club during his time with the Gunners. Ozil just didn’t seem to have the right supporting cast around him to show off all of his talents.

How does Ozil do THAT unique bounce shot?! We’ll have to add this soccer skill to our tricks section. Join Mesut Ozil as he discusses his famous Chop Shot / Bounce Goal™️ with Timbsy and Specs.

Mesut Ozil reveals the secret of his bounce shot | Chop Shot challenge. Learn how to do Ozil’s chop shot or bounce shot in the video below from Arsenal. Ozil was one of the smoothest soccer players to ever play for Arsenal. And I don’t think this bounce shot by Ozil has been done by any other players.

Here’s a good story on why Ozil ended up leaving Arsenal from ESPN:

Few players in the game possess Ozil’s technical ability. He provided many moments of pure joy in an Arsenal shirt, memories that should not be diminished by his latter-day troubles. But it is impossible to escape a lingering sense of regret on all sides that Ozil leaves Arsenal with a mixed legacy. In the case of a player famous for providing assists, the bottom line is that neither party did enough to help the other.

I wonder if Arsenal will bring back Ozil at some point at least for a proper send off.