Messi Bicycle Kick Versus Clermont

Messi bicycle kick goal: Maybe it’s the smiles on Neymar and all the other Paris Saint-Germain players that make this Messi bicycle kick goal that much more special. Look at Marco Verratti on the bench almost laughing at what Messi has done. Clermont goalkeeper Mory Diaw was really trapped in a no man’s land of whether to come or stay and try to block the shot. Messi has scored nearly 1000 goals in his soccer career but never a bicycle kick goal.

It is amazing that Neymar and Messi are even allowed to play on the same team together. You’d think that’d be outlawed. I guess Messi is in the later stages of his football career, but still. Two of the most skilled soccer players to ever play the game on the same team doesn’t see fair.

Messi controls the ball on his chest and the falls backwards to bicycle kick the ball into the net with his favored left foot. Apparently even the Clermont fans chanted Messi’s name after this goal. Sure, Messi bike isn’t as important and perfect as Rivaldo’s bicycle kick but it’s good! What’s the difference between an overhead kick and a bicycle kick goal?

Of course now the question is where will Messi play next. Will Messi return to Barcelona for one more season in La Liga? I think so. And then it’s Messi of to play for Beckham’s Inter Miami in the MLS, right.

Lionel Messi Retiring at Inter Miami?

I think with Gareth Bale seeming to enjoy himself playing for LAFC it only improves Messi chances of coming to play in the United States. Plus, Miami is getting a new stadium soon and Messi happily visits Miami ever summer during the off-season.

I wonder though, when Beckham signed with the LA Galaxy, he got the opportunity to own an MLS team at a discounted or locked in price. I’d bet Messi would want a similar deal.