Michael Bradley is a Legend in the Making

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Bradley and his family have taken to life in Northern Italy, enjoying the surroundings and learning the language since moving to Chievo Verona in 2011.


Yes, Michael Bradley is a legend in the making. Surely he’s going to the best midfielder ever to wear a United States national team jersey. He runs forever and never gives up and now he’s learning how to keep the ball and also score goals.

How many languages does Michael Bradley speak now? After playing in Germany, Holland and now Italy, he’s at least speaks four languages with a lot of fluency.

At just 24 years old he’s already had quite a soccer career, from playing for the United States in the World Cup to playing all across Europe. Now, it seems like he’s found his home in Italy playing for Chievo Verona. And he’s became a fan favorite after just a few months with the team. He’s loved for his tireless work ethic and soccer intelligence.

Although it’s a shame his wife, Amanda Barletta, doesn’t appear in this video, she’s is just gorgeous. I’m sure Bradley will even up at a bigger club in the future, perhaps in Italy or maybe somewhere else in Europe.


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