Mikael Silvestre’s Nightmare First Half for the Portland Timbers

Mikael Silvesre, the former Manchester United defender and French international, had a nightmare of a first half for the Portland Timbers. Silvesre was involved in the Red Bulls first two goals. Involved as it was Silvesre’s fault more or less for both goals. Yes, creating two goals for the Red Bulls not the Timbers, the team he plays for. A MLS debut for the World Cup winner to forget about.

First he tried to pass the ball back to his keeper and then he misjudged a bouncing ball – both errors resulted in goals for New York. You could say the turf was a bit of a problem for him. See Silvestre’s nightmare first half right here:

So youngsters out there, if a professional soccer player who’s won titles with Manchester United can make two glaring mistakes in his MLS debut game, it’s ok if you mess up every now and again. The trick is to keep playing and fighting, which is what Silvestre did. Although he didn’t score any of the Portland Timbers goals as they fought back to tie the game 3-3, he was steady and composed in the second half. What’s more, as is almost the norm in today’s day and age, he tweeted an apology – saying he stayed in Paris departure lounge in the first half. Funny and good for Silvestre to take this in stride. Which is exactly why he reached the levels of pro soccer that he did – he’s able to get back up after making a mistake and keep playing.