Mikel Arteta Making the Defense Splitting Pass

How do you create more goal scoring chances? By splitting the defense. Mikel Arteta shows you how. Sometimes in soccer this pass is referred to as the “killer pass”. It’s the pass that splits the defense and gets the attacking player behind the defense so they can take a shot or cross the soccer ball to an open player. While it’s great to keep possession of the soccer ball, in order to score you’ll need to make that one pass that splits the defense.

Splitting the defense makes them turn their backs and run back towards the soccer ball, which is dangerous for a defense because they’re chasing the ball and can’t see what other attackers are making runs behind them. Here’s Mikel Arteta shows you how to make that killer pass.

PUMA – Mikel Arteta presents The Nature of Playing the Defense Splitting Pass

We sat down with Mikel Arteta to gain an insight into what is in his nature on and of the field and what it takes to be a #ControlFreak. There’s talk now that Mikel Arteta might become the new manager at Arsenal.