MLS Developmental Contract Salaries

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Can you call them Salaries?

A good piece on the lack of funds for players just out of college or in the minor leagues of the MLS.  It’s a tough go, making it to the professional level.  So many factors come into play–the coach, personal maturity, family, city, team, timing of when you join, injuries, and so on.  But, to develop a strong league the MLS needs to pay the players enough money so they can solely focus on soccer and not have to work another job.  Sure, there is the option to play in the USL or go overseas to play, and both are good options.

The big question is how does the USL fit in with the MLS.  Is the USL a good minor league stepping stone?  Who do the developmental teams play?  They’d be better off playing in the USL.  In the past they tried this with a Project 40 team.

A developmental contract offered to a player by any MLS team is relatively straightforward. The contract, in part, holds that the player will be paid at the “rate of $1,075 per month gross of taxes” from March 1 to Dec. 31. In addition, the contract spells out incentives that can be earned as follows:

1. MLS team 75 percent start: $5,000 if you start in 75 percent or more of the MLS league season games (including MLS regular-season and playoff games but not including the U.S. Open Cup or other tournaments) of the MLS team to which you are assigned.

2. MLS All-Star: $5,000 if you are named to the official MLS All-Star team.

3. MLS Rookie of the Year: $5,000 if you are selected as the official MLS Rookie of the Year.

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