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Soccer skills directory: drills for players, coaches and those just learning the game.

The reason you work on soccer drills is so you can master a certain specific soccer skill. Dribbling. Crossing. Close control. First touch. If you’re looking for a wide variety of soccer drills then you’ve come to the right place. Below are a selection of soccer drills for players of all levels of ability.

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One key with any soccer drill is to start out slow and then slowly increase your speed with the ball. Soccer in a sense is all about change of pace, manipulate the ball at slow and fast paces when needed. That’s the trick, to have the ability to control the ball out in front of you or up close but with the idea of knowing how to attack the space.

Soccer skills directory for kids and players of all ages really – essential soccer drills to learn:

These soccer drills aren’t just for soccer coaches either, there are individual drills for players training on their own. In the end, it’s all about spending time with the soccer ball, and each of the soccer drills below will help you improve your touch and skill on the ball. Your touch and skill on the ball is what the game is all about.

Soccer Drill Type

Soccer Drill By Age

Of course some of these drills will overlap, useful for both defending and attacking, but we’ve separated them out to give you a start at least in locating a drill that works for the aspect of game you’re focused on improving.

At the same time, drills aren’t necessarily specific to an age; it’s more about the playing level of the players you’re coaching. So again, we’ve tried to put the drill useful for under 10 players in one section, but these might also be good for players who are under 6 but just more advanced, or useful for players who are under 14 but still lack some of the fundamentals of the game.

And some drills involve not just one skill, but a multiple of skills: shooting, passing and dribbling, for example. It’s hard to do a drill without having other aspects of the game involved in the drill. Unless say you’re doing ball work only or juggling. So, some shooting drills will include passing and defending, but the focus, as the coach, should be on shooting in that drill.

The ideal drill, as your players progress, is to involve all aspects of the game, and to run continuously without players waiting to join the game or having to stand in the line. This is what you as a coach should strive for in your practices.

However, to get your players to that skill level, where they can go through drills technically sound in all the fundamentals of the game, you have to build up to their ability stage by stage, perfecting the basics of the game.


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