MLS Supporters & Fan Groups

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The are ultra supporter groups in Europe that are feared and hurt the game, in the United States fans are gathering for MLS clubs, waving flags, throwing smoke bombs, and wearing a teams colors in support and imitation.

Down in Houston, there were nearly 30,000 fans wearing the orange of their club in the semi-final of the MLS playoffs, and across the MLS landscape more fan groups are rising up.  These groups might be more based on fan collectives from Mexican professional soccer than Europe, but either either, it’s another sign that the MLS is becoming a strong league in the Uniteds States.

Inferno – FC Dallas

U-Sector and the Red Patch Boys – FC Toronto

Los Hooligans Del Tablon – Chivas USA

Midnight Riders – New England

Empire Supporters Club and Kearny Army – Red Bulls

La Barra Brava, La Norte, and the Screaming Eagles – DC United

La Turbina Del Amarilla and the V-Army – Columbus Crew

Section 8 Chicago – Chicago Fire

The Loyalists – Real Salt Lake

Sources: MLS Fan blog

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