Mobility & Support in Soccer

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Mobility and Support
For Barcelona, mobility and support means triangle passing. Every time someone has the soccer ball at their feet they’re surrounded with support. There’s a teammate ahead of them, behind them and two each side. So it’s more than triangle support a lot of times, but especially in the midfield there are at least three players who are asking for the ball all the time.

We are going over some soccer basics for beginners concerning movement and positioning in this video! It’s very important to know proper soccer positioning in general and in different situations along with proper movement in order to be effective in matches.

In this video, we go over some of the soccer basics concerning this area of the game, movement off the ball and supporting your teammates. I will make a part two that covers different runs you can make if I get enough people wanting it.

Here’s another excellent video on positioning and movement in soccer.

This is a basic lesson on where and how to move around on the soccer field. This is NOT about how to play a specific position because there are plenty of videos that teach that sort of thing. This video focuses on fundamental concepts that every soccer player should know, but it does focus more on offense.

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