Morocco’s Jawad El Yamiq Near Bicycle Kick Goal

Morroco bicycle kick: Jawad El Yamiq nearly scores on a bicycle kick for Morocco. It surely would have been the goal of the tournament but hits the post. And it was a full bicycle kick attempt. No hesitation from him in trying to score from a bicycle. He lays himself out and goes for it with the bike. This goes in and El Yamiq would have been such a hero in Morocco.

Morocco will need something special like this to get back in the game with France. Morocco down 1-0 at the half. But with the majority of the fans at the stadium behind them, they surely won’t make it easy for France. The French players can barely hear themselves on the field what with all the whistles when they have the ball.

It was Jawad El Yamiq who made the mistake in the back that led to the French goal. That bicycle would have been a relief for him and Morocco.

The Wikipedia page for El Yamiq, who plays his cub ball in Spain for Real Valladolid, has already been update with this bicycle kick attempt: “He almost scored a bicycle kick during 2022 World Cup semi-final.”

A closer look at the Jawad El Yamiq bicycle kick you see that France’s goalkeeper Hugo Lloris gets a hand off the shot and it goes off the post. Lloris has been an important players for France in this World Cup. The veteran has already made numerous saves to keep France in lead.

See the Morocco bicycle kick that almost went in below. Hugo Lloris gets a hand to Jawad El Yamiq’s overhead kick which hits the post.

And a few more images of the near Morocco bicycle kick from If he’d scored, he would have been given the Puskas award. The Puskas award is given to the footballer judged to have scored the most aesthetically significant goal in the tournament: