Mourinho’s Dribbling Run & Goal

I’m saying this was all staged, a la the Ronaldinho Nike ad, as in they let Mourinho get stuck in on a tough tackle and then go on the dribbling run. The goal with the outside of the foot, it has to be fake. No really, looks like Mourinho has some skills. Now I’d like to see some video of Alex Ferguson striking the ball or dribbling.

The Special One, who it looks like will lead Inter Milan to the Serie A title this year, has shown that he now can win titles in three leagues: England, Italy and Portugal. Does he now go to Spain and try to win La Liga? O course he does and will.

Here’s Mourinho with a tough tackle! José Mourinho Invaded Onto The Pitch and Tackled Olly Murs. England Vs World XI 2014

Really though, seems Mourinho’s best position on the soccer field is as a keeper.