Mourinho to Inter Milan

Doesn’t matter what language Mourinho speaks, he’s still funny.

Jose Mourinho’s puppet on Setanta tried to quash the Inter Milan rumors in the past, but now we know that Jose is the new coach of Inter Milan. It’s all said and done. And with this news there’s already some swirling news about what players he’s going to buy. Feathers he’s going to ruffle – his old bosses. But take a look at The Special One in this video below.


Football is a tough business, Inter Milan win the Serie A (three season in a row) and Roberto Mancini is let go. Real Madrid win the league and Fabio Capello is let go. But that’s the way it goes. It’s not just wins but how you win and the relationships with the owners, sometimes you just have to move on.

I don’t speak nor understand Italian, and hats off to Mourinho who it looks like he speaks at least four languages, English, Italian, Spanish, and his native Portuguese, but this video is hilarious, even when you don’t speak the language, just watching the smirks and facial expressions of Mourinho.

Mourinho is an artist, the sort of personality that is bigger than football, just fun to follow—nearly everything he says and does is entertaining. Who are the biggest personalities in the game?

I’d throw in these names: Ray Hudson, Alex Ferguson, Slaven Bilic, Clarence Seedorf, Alexi Lalas, Ruud Gullit, Eric Wynalda, and Sven-Goran Eriksson – and many more we’ll have to get back to, but Mourinho is no doubt at the top of the list. These are people who says things that are clever, outlandish, funny and more often than not worth listing to.

Towards the end of the video below they’re talking about buying players from Chelsea—which it looks like will happen if Chelsea’s willing to let them go—Lampard and Drogba I’m guessing.

Can’t wait for a Chelsea versus Inter Milan match. Just great to have Mourinho back in the game, although I’ll miss the puppet, but perhaps he’ll stick around. We can only hope.

Here’s a short clip of his introduction in English:

I don’t want to be special, I just want to be Mourinho.