Mourinho Bottle of Wine

There are a number of classic Mourinho interviews and press conferences, but this one has to rank up there pretty high. Thank goodness he’ll be back in the coaching ranks somewhere this next season. In the video below he talks about how Alex Ferguson complains to the referees and wheedles his power to sway them, and then complains about the bottle of wine he and Mourinho were drinking after the game. I love how Mourinho always pulls something funny out of a situation.

José Mourinho gives his first press conference as Manchester United manager! Sir Alex Ferguson gave the Portuguese some crucial advice. What do YOU think about his plans for the club? It’s perhaps the most stressful job in all of world football if things aren’t going right.

Bring an an umbrella and wine – Alex Ferguson’s advice to Jose Mourinho when he took over as manager of Manchester United. But did Ferguson say just how many bottles of wine he’d need to have available while managing Manchester United….?