Moving the Soccer Ball in Lines

Moving the soccer ball in lines means passing the ball from one defender to the other or from one midfielder to the other across the field. So a line is a group of players playing a certain position. Once your team has mastered the ability to quickly pass the ball or switch the ball from one player to the next, see how quickly you can transition the ball up the field. It might seem simple but playing the ball quickly across the soccer field is crucial to finding open spaces to attack.

Field size: Defensive third of the soccer field, working from the top of the penalty box to the half way line.

Number of players: 4 working players

Age range: 14-16

Description: With a stop watch, time your defenders to see how fast they can move the ball from one end of the back line to the other, from outside back to center the backs and then back to the other outside fullback.

Later, add in a defender to pressure the defensive back line who’s trying to switch the ball. Even add in two small goals at each end on the half way line and the defensive line tries to pass the ball through the cones to a midfielder on the other side of the cones.

The main goal is for the defensive line to move the ball as fast as they can, in one or two touches from one side of the field to the other. Time the players and see how fast they can connect ten passes or how many times they can switch the ball in a set period of time.

Setup restrictions, as in the left back can’t play a long ball across the field directly to the right back – and throughout the drill the ball must be played on the ground.┬áThis same drill can be done with the midfielders. See what their time is compared to the defensive line.

Try bringing in the goalkeeper when working on swinging the soccer ball from one side to the other with the defenders. There will be moments in the game when your team will use your keeper to switch the ball, so you can add the keeper into the equation, too. Whether the goalkeeper is using his or her feet or hands or both.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.

Train your soccer team to stick to the passing game when the pressure is on, courtesy of this soccer drill from the Nike Academy’s assistant coach, Matt Wells.

How to pass through defensive lines. String passes together – moving the soccer ball in lines in a key skill for every soccer team to master