Neymar Sombrero

Neymar, the young Brazilian who is destined to become a world wide star, flicks the ball up and over the defender’s head with ease – a sombrero. Take a look at Neymar’s sombrero. There’s an art to doing the sombrero and Neymar is one of the best at it.

Learn the Sombrero Flick, a signature football skill done by Neymar junior. In today’s video we teach you guys how to do the Sombrero Flick. This football skill is a very cool flick up often done by PSG football skill master Neymar Junior. In this video we break down this football skill into 5 steps, so it will be easy for you guys to learn. This football skill is not easy to learn, but with the right guidance you will know how to do this football skill faster than you can say Neymar.

Learn how to do the Neymar sombrero flick.

If you are a pro, you can even do the Sombrero Flick in a match, it requires a lot of skill to do so, but it is possible. This football skill is probably one of the coolest looking skills out there, and it is therefor important to learn this football skill, if you want to show of in front of your teammates. This video will give you all the right tools to learn the Sombrero Flick. Just keep practicing your football skills every day, and the Sombrero Flick will be a piece of cake.