Neymar’s Twisted Ankle

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Neymar Twisted Ankle

Neymar’s twisted ankle looks bad. Seems like all football / soccer leagues should do a better job of protecting skilled players like Neymar. Really no reason for this slide tackle on Neymar in the middle of the field. While it’s not a brutal looking challenge it is awkward for the attacker anytime someone comes in from behind. Neymar steps on the leg of the slide tackler and twists his ankle badly.

Jermaine Jones’ Brutal Tackle on Neymar

Bad news for PSG! Neymar Jr.’s face says it all. Neymar is in a lot of pain due to an unfortunate injury he suffered as he twisted his ankle while avoiding a slide tackle from his opponent. I can understand why defenders get frustrated playing against someone so skilled as Neymar, but referees and soccer leagues world wide should protect the most talented players. Yes, while Neymar might showboat sometimes, maybe even over do it, yet that’s what makes the game so fun to watch.

See the slide tackle that caused Neymar to twist his ankle in the video below. Really, Neymar’s twisted ankle is pretty brutal. It’s just a clumsy attempted slide tackle on Neymar.

Neymar said he will come back stronger than ever from this ankle injury – via Amazingly, Neymar is still just 29 years old. Not young anymore but still at the peak of his abilities if he can avoid maybe injuries. Again, let’s protect skilled footballers like Neymar so we can watch them play for many more years to come.

PSG have said in a statement on the club’s official website: “The examinations carried out confirm that Neymar Jr suffers from a sprained left ankle with ligament injuries.

“An unavailability of 6 to 8 weeks is to be expected. A new assessment will be made in 72 hours to specify the recovery.”

Neymar posted on social media: “Unfortunately, these setbacks are a part of an athlete’s life. Now you have to raise your head and move on. I will come back better and stronger.”

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