Tips & Tricks on Premier League Betting

If we’re all living on planet football then the English Premier League is the biggest, strongest and most popular nation. The top tier of English soccer is home to some of the most talented players and best-loved teams, including Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester United. The competition is widely regarded as the best in the game and that’s proven by the record Premier League viewing figures every season.

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In addition to being the most-watched club football competition, the EPL is also the most bet on in the world. Millions of wagers are placed on the outcome of games every week at top bookies like bet99 from bettors scattered across the globe. Some aim to pick a winner and edge their profit up while others aim higher, targeting a huge win by playing Accas. The latter is one of the most popular bets in the industry as it can be played off small stakes.

What is the best way to beat the bookies when betting on the English Premier League and which strategy helps you make a profit as often as possible? Unfortunately, there is no straight answer to either of those questions and that’s because there’s no sure-fire way to make winning bets. There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of landing a profit and we run through the best Premier League betting tips and tricks.

Bet with the best

First of all, to give yourself the best chance of placing a winning bet on football you need to ensure you have the best tools at your disposal. You must be gambling with the best online football betting app available. Your bookie should love the beautiful game as much as you do and there’s one quick fire way to check, click on the football tab. You want to see the Premier League covered in detail. There should be betting odds on the outright winners, relegation, top goalscorer and more. There should also be over 100 pre-match and in-play betting markets on every game from the division.

To know that you are a valued customer, you also want to see a promotions tab packed to the brim with bonuses for new and existing players. These include free bets, cash back for losing Accas, profit boosts for winning Accas, enhanced odds and other specials. The more here, the better the bookie is. Check the promotions page before placing each football bet to see what is available.

Another non-negotiable is generous odds. You want to be gambling at the market best price as often as possible. Check any respected betting odds comparison site for Premier League betting and you’ll see the bookie that is offering the highest odds on your bet in bold. That is the sports book you should be betting with.

Wait for the value

Most football bets are placed before kickoff but that doesn’t need to be the case. When gambling before the start of a match you are guessing at some important factors. You’re having to predict the line-ups, the formations of both teams, the latest injury news, the weather, the mood of the crowd and more. That’s far too many uncertainties.

You can remove some of the guesswork by waiting a while and betting in play. When a football match begins, most of the pre-game markets are carried over thanks to in-play betting, and that’s where you’ll find some great value, especially in matches shown live on TV.

Watch the big match live and stay on the lookout for any hints, tips and clues. Are both teams going on the attack? Back over 2.5 goals. Is it a defensive game? Back no in the both teams to score list. By waiting for in-play, you’ll know the weather, the mood of the referee, the formation of both teams and the crowd. Better still, you’ll pick up all that info in just a few minutes, and the pre-match odds won’t change too much in that time unless there’s a goal scored early in the game.

In-play betting isn’t anywhere near as popular with bettors as pre-match gambling but, after reading our article on football gambling, you’ll be wondering why.