Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Rocket Shot Nearly Hit Referee

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s rocket shot almost hits referee? It all happens in a flash, really. The referee running across the ball just as Trent shoots. Perhaps screens the goalkeeper?

Must see screamer of a shot from Trent Alexander-Arnold versus Newcastle United. It might not have happened though, as the shot was nearly blocked. Who’s that running just in front of the ball like some kind of ghost just before the shot? That’s the referee. That’s Mike Dean.

Watch every angle of Trent’s screamer against the Magpies at Anfield in the Premier League. Included is the angle close up where referee Mike Dean runs out of the way before Trent smashes the ball. I wonder if the referee getting in the way affected the goalkeepers view of the on coming shot? I think the shot is such a rocket though that the keeper had no chance.

See Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold’s shot from every angle via Liverpool FC. Of the goal Trent said: “I’ve been waiting for that for five years now!” And thankfully referee Mike Dean got out of the way! Would VAR have reviewed the play if the ball had hit Dean in the back and giving a goal? I doubt it!

Not sure if the Trent Alexander-Arnold screamer of a shot is as good as Thiago’s half volley but it’s close. Liverpool players know how to score from outside the box!

Now does Alexander-Arnold’s ability to strike the ball from long range move him up the ranks in terms of selection for the England team? Tough to keep out a defender how can score goal and whip the ball in from wide areas as good as he can, right.

I wonder if Alexander-Arnold will leave Liverpool for say a team like Real Madrid or Barcelona. His services would be welcome at either of those clubs.