Off the Wall Juggling in Soccer

Next level skills in soccer is wall juggling. Find a wall and see if you can juggle the soccer ball against it with out letting the ball hit the ground. In soccer, master the basics and then try to challenge yourself to do more. Start with simple juggling and move on to jogging with the ball in the air and then try wall juggling. Get creative and see how you can up the ante and make things harder for yourself.

Credit to the great Yael Averbuch for the video below and the image at the top of this page. Averbuch is a master at off the wall juggling along with having incredible skills with the ball at her feet. Take your game to the next level and try off the wall juggling. Again, juggling and off the wall juggling even more so will boost your confidence on the soccer field.

See more off the wall juggling: Sebastian Lletget Wall Juggling Skills 

Field size: find space near a wall

Number of players: individual training

Age range: 10-12 to start but all levels

Description: Stand a few yards away from a wall and knock the ball against it with the inside of the foot and the instep. See if you can juggle against the wall by letting the ball hit the wall and then hit it before it hits the ground or just after it bounces. Switch to the other foot after you get into a good rhythm and you’re able to hit the ball against the wall consecutively after it bounces. Try to alternate hitting the ball against the wall with the right and then left foot.

Then juggle the ball twice and hit the ball back against the wall, let it bounce, and then juggle the ball again. Slowly, work up to where you don’t let the ball bounce at all but hit the ball against the wall without letting the ball bounce. This can be hard though, so don’t get down on yourself if you can’t do it. Instead, keep juggling against the wall and letting the ball bounce once.

You mainly want to be able to hit the ball against the wall with the instep and the insides of your feet. But for fun, see if you can hit the ball with the outsides of your feet too, alternating with the right and then the left. Try to get in a rhythm.

See how juggling against a wall is done in this video below. And learn more about juggling here: Ball Control Competition and Juggling.

Wall progression juggling and passing. Looking for the ideal soccer training partner? Look no further than a schoolyard wall! All you need is a ball and a wall to try this soccer training session. The techniques are simple so you can add to it once you are comfortable!

More soccer wall training: Matt from Become Elite shows us a typical training session he does when he has access to a wall and is training individually/by himself.

Training Session Overview:

1. 100 1-touch passes with right foot
2. 100 1-touch passes with left foot.
3. 100 2-touch passes with right foot.
4. 100 2-touch passes with left foot.
5. 5 minutes of 1-touch wall juggling.
6. 5-10 minutes of 2-touch laced strikes from 20 yards back.
7. 20 turns to the left off wall pass.
8. 20 turns to the right off wall pass.
5. 20 turns to backward right off wall pass.
6. 20 turns to backwards left off wall pass.
7. 5-10 minutes of 1-touch laced volley’s against wall.