Old vs New Generation – Which Football Players Are Superior?

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Throughout the years, we’ve witnessed many great soccer players make history. The likes of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Maldini, Buffon, as well as the legendary Pele and Maradona will forever be remembered by the football community as game changes and players that were simply several levels above their competition.

One of the most heated arguments between the older generations and newer generations of fans when it comes to the game and the soccer players is which era had better players and which era was superior. We decided to step into this discussion and try to explain how today’s football is superior compared to the older generations. But, first, let’s see how influential football really is.

The Most Influenced Industry

Football has influenced pretty much every part of our lives and many industries, but the one that takes the number 1 spot is the betting industry. Football and betting have always gone side by side, for as long as we can remember. In the past couple of years, football fans were even presented with a new and revolutionizing way to place bets on the games – online bookmakers.

Betting sites have tons of great advantages over land-based bookmakers, which is why millions of players from all around the world decided to register and wager at these sites. The odds are better, more betting options are available, numerous payment methods are accepted, etc. If you are a betting fan, you can have a look at the sports betting odds and see just how superior and better the service of online bookmakers is compared to land-based bookmakers.

Now, let’s see the areas which make today’s players superior compared to older generations.

Soccer Player Stamina

Players’ endurance and stamina are far superior compared to the ones of older generations. These days, players hire nutritionists, have a certain sleep schedule, are not allowed to party, and have specialized training sessions which will improve their effectiveness on the pitch.

Take George Best as an example. The late legend was known for his skills on the pitch, but he was more active in the nightlife and spent a lot of time partying. Even Jamie Carragher once said: if a player followed the strict diet plans and had this type of dedication 20 years ago, we would consider him a madman.

The strict regimes are what makes today’s players superior as they can run more than 10km per game, which is fascinating. Plus, the modern footballer plays more games week in and week out. From their club games and the Champions League matches to then flying across the globe to pay for their country. Top football players have to take care of themselves if they want to have long soccer careers.

Game Tactics

Tactics back in the day were pretty simple. All you had to do is dribble, make a name for yourself, and win the hearts of the fans. That may have been entertaining for the eyes, but a team of good players today would absolutely dismantle a team with that sort of tactic these days.

Managers and staff members these days spend hours and days searching for the best tactics as a way to outsmart their opponents. Just look at a manager like Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola, who has changed the game with his attacking style of football that’s centered around possession of the ball but also relentless in how they press and defend and counter attack.

Soccer Skillset

Finally, each player these days has to have good control of the ball, passing skills, and much more to succeed. That was not the case back in the day, which is why individuals of today are far better players than individuals of older generations.

Today, ever player on the field has a high level of skill on the soccer ball. Defenders can get in the attack and forwards can defend.

Plus, goalkeepers now have to control and distribute the ball out of the back with their feet.

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