The Guardiola Way

What is the Guardiola style of playing football? This video is part of an ongoing series called THE GUARDIOLA WAY focusing on the tactics of Pep Guardiola as manager of Barcelona FC, Bayern Munich and Manchester City FC. This episode below focuses on the tactics of Total Football.

What are the tactics of Total Football. It’s more than just Tiki Taka with Guardiola. Sure, it’s about keeping the ball but really it’s more about attacking football and pressing teams when you lose the ball. And, of course, with Total Football every player on the field can  manipulate the ball almost like an attacking midfielder and exchange positions with ease.

Here’s what Pep Guardiola said about tactics and players: “People talk about tactics, but when you look at it, tactics are just players. You change things so that the team can get the most out of the skills they have to offer, but you don’t go any further than that.”

A Tactical Analysis of Pep Guardiola’s Influence on the Manchester City Football Club. Part 1 focuses on how to maintain possession with passing, positioning and pressing. When Guardiola leaves the game his fingerprints will remain across world football. Guardiola’s legacy and methods of football won’t be forgotten. And it looks like this year, Guardiola and Manchester City will win the English Premier League once again. So yes, the Guardiola Way works!

To keep the ball you have to play simple passes and hold your position, says former Barcelona youth co-ordinator Albert Capellas.

“A lot of trainers say, ‘Pass the ball and run’, but what I say is the complete opposite,” he tells FourFourTwo.

“I say, ‘Pass the ball and stay’, ‘Pass the ball and find the right pass’, ‘Pass the ball and be ready’.

“Don’t expend too much energy running because if you have to run a lot you are more tired and if you are more tired you’re more likely to lose the ball.”

Don’t beat yourself up, we’ve all been getting it wrong. To make sure you get it right, hit play and drink in Capellas’ knowledge.