Olivia Moultrie Soccer Highlights

Olivia Moultrie soccer highlights are right this way: Is Olivia Moultrie the future of women’s soccer in the United States? Will Moultrie be the next Mia Hamm? Will Moultrie be the next Alex Morgan? While this all be true, let’s hope that the soccer world doesn’t put too much pressure on the very young soccer prodigy. Moultrie has the skills on the soccer ball but needs to be given some time to develop her skills at the professional level. Hopefully there are older players that can take her under their wing and encourage and support her through the ups and downs of high level pro soccer.

Image photo credit above to Thorns FC.

Instead of signing with North Carolina and going to college Moultrie has decide to turn pro at age 13. In Olivia Moultrie’s soccer highlights in the video below you can see why! Pretty soon we’ll have to write up a how to play like Olivia Moultrie article as we’ve done for Megan Rapinoe.

One thing that stands out is her ability to dribble the soccer ball and take players on, always a rare and unique skill that not enough boys or girls players learn how to do at a young age – many times it’s coached out of them.

Where they instead become afraid to take players on since they might lose the soccer ball…mentioned the NY Times piece below on Moultrie is how she played with older players – that seems like the key if you want to raise the level of your game. Watch Olivia just some of Olivia Moultrie soccer highlights in the video below.

From NY Times feature on Olivia Moultrie:

Moultrie has already drawn worldwide attention for her prodigious technical skills and her family’s nontraditional approach to her nascent career. She has long played with older girls on the United States youth national team and with boys’ clubs near her family’s home in Canyon Country, Calif.

Last year, Moultrie made multiple trips to Europe to meet and train with some of the continent’s biggest clubs: Olympique Lyon and Paris St.-Germain in France, and Bayern Munich in Germany. And with the help of her father, K.C., she has maintained an active presence on social media, often posting highlight clips to more than 87,000 followers on Instagram.

“I feel for literally almost every kid in girls’ soccer, you should go to college; there’s not a million dollars at the end of the rainbow,” K.C. Moultrie said in an interview with The New York Times last year. “I think if you’re truly, truly elite, if your goal is to be a world-class player and a pro and, in Olivia’s case, to be the best player in the world, there’s no way it’s better to play college than it is to play full time.”

Moultrie’s next step is unclear. A move to Europe is most likely impossible for several years; FIFA rules, with certain exceptions, generally prevent youth prospects from signing with foreign clubs before they turn 18.

Moultrie signed a deal with Nike when she was 12:

My name is Olivia Moultrie, I’m twelve years old and my crazy dream is to be the best soccer player ever. I want to be known as a great player, not just for a girl, but a great footballer. The best part is that some people don’t expect it, saying I can’t play with boys. I love being able to prove people wrong. It should always just be about the soccer – not about whether you’re a girl or a boy, it’s about whether you can play.

Update: Latest news is that Olivia Moultrie is going to sign with the Portland Thorns. She’ll play for their academy team until she’s of age to play for the pro team, I assume. Here are some more Olivia Moultrie soccer highlights.

She just has amazing skills on the soccer ball. And it looks like she’s put the work in to get those skills. There’s no short cuts to that. You have to spend time with the ball to master it. What happens is things just comes easier when working with the ball and it feeds on itself, so you start to love to play the game even more.

We’ll try to update this page with more Olivia Moultrie soccer highlights as she progresses with the Thorns as a professional soccer player.