Portugal Four Missed Chances

Portugal missed four clear chances to score. Perhaps others too, but these four were the best opportunities they had to tie the game and at least send it to overtime and perhaps a shootout. There were no open goal misses, just good looks at the goal, with Pepe’s header the one that will most regret missing.

Let’s look at Portugal’s four missed chances against Morocco.

Bruno Fernandes early cross shot. If this would had gone in it would have certainly changed the game. A goal before half time is just what Portugal was hoping for. A surprise shot by Fernandes that nearly goes in. Morocco’s goalkeeper Yassine Bounou would have been beaten if the ball dipped a bit lower. Great strike by Bruno and the type of shot or chance players should attempt more often.

Joao Felix with a good strike. The layoff by Cristino Ronaldo is perfect. Felix hits the soccer ball with plenty of power but Bounou makes an exceptional save. As far as the overall tournament goes, Felix was a stand out player for Portugal. Always lively and created things for Portugal in the attack.

Ronaldo gets away from the Morocco defense and has a good chance to score. Again though, Morocco’s Bounou gets down and makes another solid save. Not much more Ronaldo could have done here with this chance. Maybe hit the ball a bit earlier to catch Bounou off guard. You have to feel for Ronaldo as this was most likely his last World Cup game he’ll ever play.

And Pedro’s header. When Pedro goes to sleep he will unfortunately think of this missed chance. Surely he wishes he had headed the ball back where it came from. Towards the far post. Did he think Ronaldo was going to get to it and was thrown off by that? Looking at how Portugal missed four chances, this Pedro header is the one that they should have scored.

Morocco goes through to play either England or France. What’s more, for history, Morocco becomes the first African nation to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup. Amazing that an African country hasn’t reached that stage of the World Cup before.

Portugal four missed chances were clear, but that’s how football is sometimes. Morocco played compact and as a team for the full ninety minutes and an additional ten minutes of extra time. You have to give them credit.