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I read a blog recently that was taking about how American soccer announces don’t let the game breathe.  In other words, they aren’t quiet at times to just let the game speak for itself, whether it’s a series of passes or a great dribbling run.  Some announcers might just say, ‘Now Messi’, or repeat the players name over and over again to match the dribbling feints and cuts, like a number of Spanish announcers on Goal TV, ‘Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi sigue’.

Some of the English Premier League announcers are like poets and some Mexican announcers are like singers.  I guess the American announcers are still figuring out what style they want to adopt.  Below we’ve started to gather together a list of all the soccer (football) announcers and a short review.  Tell us what you think and who you like.  Is there a particular phrase or style of one announcer you like better than others?

Soccer Announcers


Ty Keough
Jim McKay
JP Dellacamera
Tommy Smyth
Julie Foudy
Marcelo Balboa
John Harkes
Alexi Lalas
Bruce Arena
Allen Hopkins
Christian Miles
Seamus Malin
Max Bretos
Terri Leigh


John Motson
Andy Gray
Adrian Healey
Ian Darke
Eamon Dunphy
Jon Champion
Alan Parry
Martin Tyler
Mark Lawrenson
Alan Hansen


Andrés Cantor

Eric Wynalda  The man who tells it like it is or at least how he sees it. Most of the time he’s right though. He knows the game and how it should be played. Wynalda is an announcer for ESPN, doing MLS games, and was in the studio for the World Cup in Germany.  At times he might make outlandish statements as part of his schtick, but his honesty is refreshing and funny. He loves the game and that comes through.

Christopher Sullivan  Passionate, poetic, genuine, and nearly makes up his own words or has a unique way of using certain terms, from ‘definition’ to ‘precision’.  Enjoy the mix of English and Spanish when he annouces.  He knows the game too.  His favorite phrase I think is the ‘surprise’.  Players have to have that bit of surprise.

Andrés Cantor  Mexican announcer who came up with the now every where heard elongated goal, from ESPN to Univision.  When the ball hits the back of the net it’s always, ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!’

Ray Hudson  Hudson has become somewhat of a legend as announcer, with a blog chronicling his phrases, and justifiably, since he throws out some golden ones. From phrases such as “like a Jedi Knight” and “This is a bravado goal” to his love affair with Riquelme. See why Ray Hudson might be the best there is.

Ray Hudson Video[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”gS6Np-g_h5w” ]

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