Raul Meireles Volley

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This goal is most likely the goal of the English Premier League this weekend. A spectacular first time volley from Meireles after a long ball is played in and the ball is headed back. Meireles strikes the ball clean and into the upper corner. The keeper had no chance. Along with two more goals from Fernando Torres Liverpool got their first win under new manager Kenny Dalglish.

I think the announcer is right here, where he talks about how the coach is giving the players the confidence to play like this and take chances like this first time volley. As a coach,you want to inspire your players to play to there potential and beyond.

If you like at great coaches like Mourinho, Wenger, or Ferguson, they all want their players to play not in fear but with a feeling they can play their best football if they put in the work prior to the game.

Here’s Mourinho on motivating players:

“You do it every day by working with the squad, session after session. You certainly don’t do it by showing the team a film before a cup final. Players are professionals. They should not be treated like children.

“We preferred to work on the field and study Roma carefully to find their weak points. If before a match I made my team watch Gladiator, they’d start laughing or call the doctor asking if I was ill.


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