Recovery Run Soccer Drill

Here’s a good soccer drill for proper recover runs in soccer.

Field size: 40 yards 30 yards

Number of players: at least six players

Age range: 10-12

Description: The working player can’t enter the field of play until two passes are completed and he or she stands in a line about ten or fifteen yards away from the three attacking players.  Players are playing three versus two and defenders try to delay the attackers until the missing defender can get back into position, to where it’s three versus three.

The attackers try to score on a goal with goalkeeper.  Players start off forty yards away from the goal, so there’s some space behind the defenders. This way there’s space for the attackers to run into and the defenders have some time to delay the attackers so the missing defender can join the game. Attackers should try to go to goal as fast as possible before the third defender returns.

You can make this drill two versus one or three versus one to start, with the recovery player making it two versus two or three versus two, rather than three versus three. It might make more sense to give the attacking team the advantage in this drill so defenders can work on containing and delaying an attack when they are out numbered.

The main focus of this drill is to get defenders used to delaying and containing an attack until more defenders get back into position.

Put a time limit on the game too, so attacking players have to get a shot off in a certain amount of time. This way it keeps the drill moving along and other players aren’t standing around for too long waiting for their chance.

Equipment needed: Cones and practice vests.