Referees Spray Paint Line on Free Kicks

Referees using spray paint in soccer? When there’s a free kick, you know how the referee always has to push the wall back again and again to get that ten yards away? Well, now they have a spray paint can handy to spray a line right in front of the wall so they don’t keep sneaking up closer to the ball on a free kick.

Smart, don’t know why FIFA didn’t do this a long time ago. The referees have been doing it in the MLS for a few years now. Must be a bit of a pain though, for the refs, to run around the soccer field with the can of spray paint in their pocket. But it does help keep players from encroaching when there’s a free kick.

What do you think, is it good to have referees painting lines for free kicks? I love when the ref actually gets some paint on the defenders soccer shoes when they rush up to paint the line for ten yards away!

Here referee Solis sprays the shoes of Mexican national team members Andres Guardado and Jose Vazquez when drawing the in for the wall line for Portugal free kick. Yes, sometimes the referee gets the soccer shoes of players trying to set up a wall.

Referees using spray paint in soccer: Take a look at this referee using spray paint and getting it on the players feet. If I was a ref I’d do it more often to keep the players back from the wall when they aren’t listening.

Being a referee is a difficult job, especially when you’re refereeing a top level World Cup qualifying match with Mexico. So when you get the chance to spray paint some players soccer shoes you do it! The reaction of the Mexican players is hilarious too.