Rodrigo Bentancur Dribbling Run

Rodrigo Bentancur dribbling run is impressive. Bentancur did all the hard work as they say. The field opens up for him and he takes it. Confidently driving up the middle with the ball at his feet. Cleverly beating the last defender but just couldn’t slot the ball home for Uruguay.

It would have been quite a goal. If Bentancur would have scored this goal it would have changed the game and tournament for Uruguay.

While Luis Suarez had a golden chance late in the game and Maxi Gomez would hit the post, this dribbling run by Bentancur came in the first half for Uruguay and could have given them some calm and confidence.

See the Rodrigo Bentancur dribbling run in the video below. Bentancur almost coasts through the center of the Portuguese defense.

I just don’t think Portugal expected this from him and were caught off guard with his dribbling skills! The Tottenham Hotspurs midfielder nearly had one of the goals of the World Cup tournament in Qatar.