Yunus Musah Game Numbers Versus England

Yunus Musah stats versus England were impressive, but one thing stands out about his play. Besides all of his other talents, what makes Yunus Musah unique for the United States is his ability to hold on to the soccer ball. Musah is comfortable on the soccer ball while he’s under pressure.

In the past, not many American soccer players could do this in big games. On the biggest stage. In the World Cup. Musah however is a player that seeks out the ball in those tough spots. He helps the team switch the field of play or even charges up field with the ball on the dribble.

Musah knows how to shield the soccer ball. It’s a skill that’s not respected enough for how important it is in soccer. Being able to hold on to the ball and keep possession for your team in key areas of the field is crucial.

Right now, Musah plays for La Liga club Valencia, could a return to England be in his future? I wouldn’t be surprised if a big English club comes calling for his services especially after the way he played against England. An EPL team that lacks a strong midfield presence would love to have Musah in their side.

Here are the Musah stats versus England from Squawka. While Tyler Adams is key to the U.S. team’s success in the World Cup in Qatar, it’s Musah’s role in the midfield that’s equally as important.

And the U.S. team will need Musah to have a strong game against Iran if they are to win the game. You’d like to see a few trademark Musah dribbling runs along with his ability to hold and shield the ball for the United States. Musah will need to have stats like he did versus England for them to beat Iran and more.