Ronald Koeman Top Ten Goals for Barcelona

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Koeman Chip

New Barcelona head coach Ronald Koeman scored some exceptional goals when he played for Barcelona. And long range strikes at that. And free kicks. Koeman was very good at free kicks in fact. You might even say he was the free kick specialist for Barcelona when he played.

I’m thinking Koeman joining in on those rondo keep away games during training sessions will be a bit better than previous managers, aside from Luis Enrique of course.

Interesting that Koeman was willing to leave his job as manager of Holland to coach Barcelona. But when a team has Messi in its side, probably too big of a chance to pass up.

I think all the current Barcelona player would be impressed with Koeman’s goal number three. Maybe the best one out of the ten. Koeman chips the ball to himself, over the defense, and then chips the keeper. Pretty good for a defender. Yes, Koeman was a good footballer.

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